Yesterday at Elementary School drop off, a Kia Sorento driver though she was SO SUPER SMART and left the line of cars dropping kids off, passing everyone in the parking spots to the right of the line. Dangerous, because the parking spots are for parents that are STAYING and dropping off, and parents in the line are letting their kids out on the right side of their cars, so there should be NO traffic moving past.

Anyways she tried to pass me so I blocked her in and stopped for an inordinate amount of time. Made her re-think her cheating ways.



Today, she tried the same shit, but when I go to the front of the line where the playground is and my daughter was ready to hop out, door open, the dumb lady comes driving up on my right, trying to get out ahead of me.

I told my daughter to wait, and close her door. I moved forward to cut her off. Noticed her window was down. Rolled down my right front.

“You can’t drive over there, passing everyone else dropping off kids.”

She retorted, already worked up “I already dropped mine off!”

“Doesn’t matter, STAY IN LINE, don’t skip ahead.”

At this point she’d visibly shaken, and gesturing “ALRIGHT, STOP!”

I had to let her know WHY what she was doing was dangerous “There’s kids being let out over here, they’re going to run in front of your car.”



She might have been a little unstable, she couldn’t even have an adult conversation. Jeez. I hate people.

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