Something Something...Company’s probably gonna sue the neighbors.

Some time ago the company bought a plot of land that we’re meant to tare down in order to make a new building.


Nevertheless... It’s very possible that our neighbors (who are also building) decided to be shitty ass builders. Typically building in close quarters is very hard because you need to account for the movement of the land due to the weight of structures. It seems like they did their job wrong and absolutely destroyed this wall when they dug down in order to make the foundation. We’re lucky it’s not a load bearer or else these fools could’ve caused a building collapse...

On the other side of our plot, there’s an interesting man. He has, get this, ten Fox Body mustangs. Not american Fox Body stangs tho, the Mexican ones...which are like five times better in every single way. He also has a 87' convertible 911.

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