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Oh, that's good.

Those are the fuel bowl inlet screens off the RX-7. Here’s the fuel filter.


Delicious! I guess I’ve been half wrong in touting that there is zero rust on this car - it seems to be inside the fuel tank. I’ll have to keep an eye on the new filter (and those screens), if it keeps up I may add a second filter right before the inlet of the carb (the one shown is right before the pump back by the gas tank) to hopefully keep this crap out of the carb/engine. I believe this filter was new when I got the car 1 year ago.

Here’s how much crap I cleaned out of those screens and associated banjo fittings.

That container of carb cleaner smells wonderful sitting on the bench.

Fortunately it did a good job of keeping most of it out of the bowls, only wiped a bit out of them. As a bonus anecdote, while changing the fuel filter, I disconnected it and not only did it start pouring gas down my arm, but also right into my drop light! Exciting! I unplugged it at the wall to avoid Fiery Death.

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