Went to test drive the Dumpster Fire following its resurrection. Started right up, so I moved some cars out of the way, grabbed a jacket, and... it started running rough. I hit the throttle and was rewarded with a lot of stumbling and an intake backfire.

Par for the course really.

Luckily, after poking around a bit, I touched the intake bulb (best way I can think of to describe it) and the car stumbled. I pushed it a little harder and the car died. Yup, just a case of the intake falling off. Nothing to see here!

This bulb is held onto the air plate by a massive worm clamp, something like 8 inches in diameter, and it is really tricky to get on. If you get it too tight, it can work its way up onto the bulb and unseat. Either my bulb is warped or my clamp is, but either way apparently I didn’t get it quite right the last time I took it off and this was the result.

Took it on a little spin and everything was fine.

Except the HVAC stopped working because of a vacuum leak.

And the heater control linkage has fallen off so the heat didn’t work.

But the cabin was remarkably devoid of gasoline smells and I didn’t break down so.... PROGRESS!


No pictures because it gets dark at noon these days [exaggeration].