Oh Truck

I just got my Takata replaced, and at the same time I had the dealer diagnose most of the stuff wrong with the truck. Heres the list

  • CEL - Fuel tank Evap system – new sending unit and vent valve
  • No cruise control - Brake pedal switch
  • Air bag light – impact sensor
  • No A/C – ac belt tensioner seized, belt snapped
  • Power steering leak – input shaft rusted, which rekt seal, replace power steering box
  • Rear brakes – rusted rotor rekt pads, replace rotors and pads
  • Rear windows dont work without fuckin with them - Rear window regulator/motors
  • rear doors fill with water - window seals?

Known problems:

  • TPMS – sensor is bad
  • Driver side mirror cracked
  • Bed badly dented

Vaugely impending issues

  • Sometimes wont shift out of 4wd – front axle actuator?
  • A pulley squeaks

Never had a problem with the engine or trans though.

REPEAT AFTER ME: A Chevy will run poorly longer than most cars will run at all.


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