Oh Valentine Day commercials....

So I'm putting my lunch in the fridge at work, and a commercial comes on for the Vermont Teddy Bear Company, for their 4' teddy bear. It was a interesting commercial....[evo pic just because]

They tried very hard to censored themselves and not say 'sex'. Which made it very interesing and amusing. "You're gonna get lucky!" "She's gonna reward you!" My favorite line was that she will always remember you if she has the bear, which after the breakup, would make a satisfying thing to set ablaze.


What furthered the humor was that they kept showing the bear and girl, without the guy. And girl had like a seductive look in her eyes, like the bear was gonna get lucky. The bear sure is a player.

The real golden part was on the website, a they have a 50 shades of grey teddy bear. Which this amusing warning label.

SAFETY WARNING: Contains small parts. Not suitable for children.

(Emphasis mine)

Well, I would hope it's not suitable for children. I find the idea amusing that someone's grandma went out, mistakingly bought the 50 shades bear, and gave it to their grandkid. Question then arise as to why it has handcuffs, and what the book is about.

Anyways, it's probably gonna be a long day for me.

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