Today was a hoot. A real hoot. I’ve never had the opportunity to tune a car on a dyno until today and now I feel like I’m wasting my time tuning on the street. It was just so easy and I could even get into load cells of the maps that are typically not accessible while daily driving. It was a very interesting experience. FWIW I was able to crank out 227 WHP with my little 1.5L engine today. I’m certain I can hit my goal of 300 WHP at a later date but I had no way to increase boost past 12 psi and I also didn’t have extra spark plugs to read the heat straps with while increasing timing. C’est la vie. Another day.

But not tomorrow. Tomorrow is autocross day. Gotta get the Mustang ready for pylon shenanigans. Going to try out some stiffer springs in the rear to see if I can make this pig rotate a little more. WOO!!! WOOOOO!!!!