oh what the fuck did I just do no no no no no

I just bought another god damn old BMW

Thats right folks, for a short window of time, I will own not one, but TWO e23's.


I got off the phone with the owner about an hour ago and left a deposit. I'm going to pick the car up in early december and I have to bring it down to my friends place in maryland since I'm not bringing it back to my house for fear of being kicked out for buying another old piece of shit bmw.

You're probably asking why I bought this old US spec naturally aspirated rot box. Well I'll show you the one reason.


See the little diddley in the center console?

Yeah, its a Getrag 265/6 5spd manual, the transmission I've been trying to hunt down for the better part of half a year.


I've actually been watching this car on craigslist for a few months but since it was so far away I could never come up a way to get it. But now I've devised a master plan to get the car.

Economically this makes the best sense, the car has literally every nut and bolt I need to swap the trans in, it even has a few new parts like a new driveshaft. For the same price that I would pay if I were to hunt down every part I needed, I am buying this entire "swap kit" plus a running/driving car with an immaculate interior.


Seriously, look how clean this shit is!


I'm gonna grab that strut tower bar and toss it on my car. I'm going to put the engine on craigslist and hope some E30 kid buys it for an M30 swap to replace the dumb M20 (timing chain master race).

So yeah, I'm sure I'll update when I actually have the car in my possession, I sent him a small deposit just so he could tell others to fuck off. I know of one guy on the bmw forums who wanted to buy this and take the engine/trans for his e24.


This is a big big move for me, I've never done anything this involved and complex.... Really hope it doesn't bite me in the ass.

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