It was slow & I was talking to my supervisor.

She just moved, & the stairs on the porch are to steep for her dog to go up. She wants to build a ramp for it. I thought it was to easy. Here is how it:

Me: Why don’t you install an handicap lift on the side for it?

Super: It seems kinda overkill.

Me: No such thing as overkill.

Super: Ok, how would he press the button to go up & down.

Me: Forget a button, but a weight sensor on the bottom. When the dog steeps on it, it triggers the lift.


Super: They also cost lots, I could never afford it.

Me: No need to.

Super: what?

Me: Tell you son to help move the piano, he gets life changing injury, you send your dog to training to be service dog, you get disability benefits for your hurt son, then you can register your dog as a working dog, you can file that in your taxes, combine that with disability benefits & the lift me more affordable.

Super: of I could make a $20 ramp for cheaper.

Me: but thats too easy.

Then an order came in & had to get back to work. 


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