Oh Yay. Paint work.

I had the Clown Shoe wrapped about 5 years ago and the product life is about 5 years. So, it goes tomorrow to get the wrap removed while it’s still in good shape. I was pretty sure that there was gonna be some fuckery underneath the vinyl from the removal of the clear bra that happened before the vinyl went on, and I was right. I peeled a couple of the easy bits and then did the nose and some of the factory paint came right up with the vinyl which is not unexpected, but also not ideal.

I mean, I like being right about stuff but I don’t have to be right ALL the time :/


On the positive side, I figured out a way to get the ancient clear bra off the headlights without etching the plastic and the plastic underneath the bra is in FANTASTIC condition which is good because OEM replacements are STUPIDLY expensive. Once I get them cleaned up I’ll put a fresh coat of 3M protection film back on and then NOT let it go a decade over the product life before replacement again.

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