Oh yeah, some things were did. I'm no longer car-less. (bumped for weekday crowd)

Say hello to the new-to-me whip, an ‘05 Accord LX with 160k and an auto. My neighbor was selling it for the attractive price of $1500 that I negotiated down to $1k straight after finding small flaws (window motor down and coolant reservoir connector broken/line loose, also lacks a catalytic converter but that’s honestly not a problem, it makes fun noises now) that I can fix myself in 2 minutes. Anyways, here it is. Also, me and a group of friends from my automotive class have group-bought and are fixing a 1995 Integra with a B20 and GS-R transmission. Cost us $950 due to it missing many parts, but we made sure the engine and tranny were good so it wasn’t for nothing. After about a month of sourcing parts and wrenching, we are ready to get it up and running with the big test being this Thursday, so fingers crossed. Here that is in all its immobilized glory:


So yeah. I know I haven’t been very active on here lately, but here’s what I’ve been up to this time around. How’s everyone else doing?

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