The dip stick is also really hard to read sometimes. Even my local subie shop owner agreed that it wasn’t just me, and recommended doing it with a cold motor if possible. Still a PITA, can’t tell much beyond whether or not one or both of the holes on either extreme of the scale is full.

Just a routine check, this engine was perfectly designed. They definitely don’t tell you to check the oil every other fill up in the owners manual if you have a turbo car. That would be ridiculous! And so would needing a specialty tool (flatblade hammered into socket...) to reach a self-loosening hose clamp. That’s totally not whats going on here.

I’m dancing with the devil. [Insert David Lee Roth scream here]

Granted, the questionable throttle body to intercooler hose design is generally fine until it gets old or you crank the boost up or both. At that point it becomes the #1 things forums will tell you to check for a leak if it sounds like there is a tea kettle or a bull frog in your engine bay. Call it an anti-tampering device. This one is still loosening itself a little despite being a brand new install when I did the downpipe but that’s what happens when you’re running several more peak PSI (18-19 depending on the temp) than stock (15 ish).I do have a replacement ready but that’s just not gonna happen anytime soon, I’m very done with tearing apart this engine bay for now and happy to turn a screwdriver a tiny bit every so often instead. Granted, I’ve taken the damn intercooler off so many times I can do the job in 20 mins. It’s just triggering AF at this point lol.

This is just waiting on my parts shelf. I like to think of it as having a concealed carry firearm. Its there just in case! But realistically I hope I never have to use it.