This was a happy moment for me. While driving to the gym, the wife and I were talking about what to do with her hail damaged car. It's covered and it could get fixed through insurance. However, she is thinking of taking the payout, using it to pay off the car, and... wait for it... getting something with MORE POWER!! Also, if it's a car she really likes, she's even willing to get a manual transmission and learn to drive stick.

She, currently she drives a 2010 Hyundai Tuscon with AWD.

So I'd love to hear from the oppo world on some potential vehicle options. Lets lay some ground rules though:

-Vehicle must be new (her rule)

-Vehicle needs very good acceleration (0-100 in the sub 7 second range)

-Needs to be able to fit a large breed dog

-Needs to be good in the snow belt

-Preferably under 30K

So what do you guys and gals think? My first thought was the Focus ST.