Oh you want to change your thermostat do ya? (Viper Edition)

There are many cases of automotive “who the hell designed this shit” scenarios. From Audi’s that require you to drop the engine to do almost any maintenance, and other modern cars that give no thought or concern to future maintenance.

The Viper is one of these “good luck with that buddy” scenarios when it comes to performing a usually simple task of changing the thermostat. Instead of making it somewhat accessible they decided to bury it under a cobweb that is the 10 cylinder intake manifold.

As you would expect its a bit of a pain in the ass to remove all this but not impossible. All I can say is glad its over!

Check out the vid for the full step by step it takes to change the t-stat on a GEN II Viper.

Also share your stories in the comments below on vehicles you worked on that you wanted to bitch slap whoever engineered it!

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