Ohhhh boy oh boy ohboy! Dealer Maintenance!!!

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Mrs. Grind’s awd boostless Flex is in for an oil change+rotation. 30k miles. Right away I’m recommended the brake system flush and fill and a fuel injection system clean. Of course I’m shown before and after pictures of something with probably 200k miles on 64 octane gas.


I declined both. It’s a 2018 model living in dry climate.

This does bring up a good question for my fellow oppogaragistas, how often do YOU change out your brake fluid? I Target 5 yearsor sooner based on color change. Injectors and fuel system? I run a bottle through every other month.


Theres manual recommendation, then there’s dealer “wallet flush” upcharges.

I haven’t dealered at Ford since ‘11, and I’m discovering again what they’re about. I hear some that theyre trying to teslafy service if they can, denying covered fixes if you haven’t done their recommendations. I guess I’ll learn as I go. At least I picked a reliable model year.


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