Kids in my Auto Tech class. I can't.

  • No the GNX wasn't Supercharged and Turbocharged.
  • V8 are better than V6s. Especially the LT family of motors.
  • The Charger Hellcat isn't Turbocharged.
  • The Avenger isn't better looking than the Charger. And it certainly isn't faster.
  • That Juke that out-dragged a Veyron was not in the slightest stock. It's got GT-R drivetrain under it.
  • V8s can be smaller displacement than V6s. Just because GM makes a 4.3L V6 doesn't mean Audi can't make a 4.2L V8.
  • Yes you can tune a V6 to make V8 power levels, but you can also tune a V8 to make WAY more than that.
  • No, your $1,200 Bonneville SE shitcan won't keep up with even a 4-cylinder Malibu. And it CERTAINLY doesn't do 0-60 in 6-second. Especially now that you blew the motor.
  • I'm about 99% sure the 2003 Discovery wasn't built in America.
  • No shit a V6 car is going to (usually) beat a V8 truck. How about you compare two similar things?

I sat there listening to this bullshit trying not to yell at them all. How can people wanting to go into working on cars professionally think all this!? I wanted to bash my head in on the desk.

At this point I would show you the E38 on M-Parallels I saw, but my phone is being an ass and won't let me email the picture to myself. So here's the next best thing.


It was identical to this one.