In similar context to SM70’s post. Driving home today in the right lane following a car with no one else in front of him cruising at about 65, suddenly, he swerves off the road, completely, and violently. Then I see what he was swerving from, a 1 foot cubed box sitting in the middle of the road.

I know by this point in time if I swerve left, I’m hitting a car, right and I’ll run over whatever’s in the box, possibly damaging my wheel / tire. My only option is straight on and hope that my lift kit has provided enough ground clearance.

It wasn’t. Whatever was in the box pegged right off the corner of my rear diff.

Luckily, whatever it was was quite rubbery and it didn’t even cause any damage to my skid plate other than some scuff marks, as it shot out from under my Jeep across the highway.

Mr. Distracted Driver on the other hand, had run himself so far off the road he landed in some rocks. He was okay and out of his car but I'm pretty sure he had flats. I didn't stay to help. Neither of us would have been in that situation had you decided to look down the road rather than down at your phone.