Possibly the loudest idling car, I’ve ever heard.

How hard is it to own a classic Yank Tank? This question was born from seeing an old Chevy pickup while I was leaving the London Motorshow where I should point out that by far and away the most popular cars there were the big American trucks.

Never have I heard so many people bitch about a lack of RHD before, until now. Big cars are popular in The Big Smoke.

Also when I was a bit bored I had a gander on CarThrottle where I was blinded by a million barely literate people banging on about “importing some JDM lyfe into their life” and while I wouldn’t be against some of that (in particular a JZX100 Toyota Chaser Tourer V) I am certainly against the bullshit involved with importing.

JDM lyfe in your life. I spelt life in two different ways because that’s cool.


Now here in Blighty we don’t have any of that 25 years bollocks. We do however have a sprinkling of bollocks here and there. In this case the bloody cost of importing. To keep it short you have to pay a lot of taxes and do a lot of paperwork which can turn a £5,000 bargain into a £10,000 knob ache. Except that is, if the car is over 50 years old, then it’s more like a quick bollock flick.

The arse to help identifying but going by past experience it won’t be needed.


So are examples of 60s Americana, just like any other classic cars or does the huge size, massive weight and big arse engines make it a whole other level of challenge. I ask this knowing that it probably won’t happen in my life but who knows? I might find a bag full of money tomorrow and need to launder it with an appreciating asset or something.