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Oil Change craziness...

So, my car is 1000km overdue on an oil change...just haven’t had chance to fit it in, so I decided to try doing it myself for once!

Ordered a filter and drain plug crush washer from RockAuto...they are on their way. Went in to pick up oil from Canadian Tire this morning (my car takes 3.3L including what’s in the filter, so I picked up a 5L jug)..., I could’ve gone with Canadian Tire’s house brand oil, Motomaster, but I wanted to stick with something brand-name. All the brand name oils (Pennzoil, Mobil 1, etc) were all the same price for fully synthetic, so I picked up Quaker State as that’s what my User Manual says Hyundai ‘recommends’...OK, fine, they are all the same price anyway.

Here’s the crazy part. The filter and drain plug gasket came to $20 CAD total, including tax and shipping (the shipping was $12...lesson learned). The oil was $63 including tax! That’s $83 CAD for me to do it myself, excluding the labour of actually doing it.

When I had the garage do it last time, my bill was $80 and something cents, and that was WITH them charging $15 to repair a small puncture in one of my I am spending almost $20 CAD more just to do it myself.....and as entertaining and as much of a learning experience it will be to do it myself, I’m not really sure it’s worth paying an extra $20 for 0_o...


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