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Oil change, tire pressure check, navigation update, full tank of gas. Anything else?

I think the 6 is as ready as its ever going to be for its third consecutive trip to Florida.

We took it to Pensacola in 2016, the summer before my son was born. We skipped 2017, since my son was only a few months old. And we took it to Navarre Beach in 2018, using it as a Hurricane Michael evacuation ride.

Summer 2016 - Fort Pickens (outside of Pensacola)
Fall 2018 - Navarre Beach, Florida
Fall 2018 - Navarre Beach, Florida

It has just under 44,000 miles. Holding up well. It does close to 40 MPG on the highway even with a week’s worth of luggage in the trunk.

We’re going back to the same place as last year (Navarre Beach). I’m really looking forward to it. And no, Navarre wasn’t affected by the hurricane. It’s about a 9 to 9-and-a-half hour drive.


Contrary to popular belief, a family actually can still take a long trip in a non-SUV. Shocking, I know.

But, this will likely be the car’s last family trip to Florida. The Highlander will take over duties starting next year.

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