Oil Guzzling, Gas Lubricated Engine

Im “working” on a mower that has a bad starter solenoid. As my usual inspections to check for fuel, air, oil, etc. I noticed the dip stick to be covered in gas and not one spec of brown or black oil.

After I drained the gas oil and filled with new old oil.

Popped open the oil drain tube and oh my god! The whole crankcase is full of gas!


I put some used oil I had and flushed the engine and refilled it again and let it run. Nothing but a cloud of smoke covering the whole backyard and oil spitting out the exhaust.

I bought the mower off the owner for $40 :) I never had a zero turn and I bet its the rings are gone. Plus this is the worst running engine I ever encountered so I challenge myself to fix it.

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