The last couple of days I’ve noticed an oil smell (not burning, but almost like if you had it on your finger) for a second or two when I drive. I can never tell if it’s from the environment or my car. When I got home, it almost smelled slightly like burning oil by my exhaust, but I also have some water hoses hanging that have that smell. This started when I thought I smelled a burning plastic-ish smell from by my MAF in the intake, but nowhere else.

I decided to pull the engine cover and found this. I can’t tell if it’s from where the spark plug is or not, it looks like it’s dripping down from maybe the PCV system which I believe is right near the top right corner of the engine. I’m working on pulling the intake right now to see. Can’t really smell oil if I hit it with a q tip though. Anyone with focus st knowledge that could help? I can’t find much on it right now. In the second picture, that dark area is right next to the coil pack and is wet. The first shows on the left of the plug where it begins to dry.

Illustration for article titled Oil Leak Question
Illustration for article titled Oil Leak Question

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