Oil Lies Leakin’

From my pans, from my pans agaaain... 

The hemorrhage has returned. Didn’t take long, did it?

Maybe going from below zero (°F), up to operating temperature, and back again multiple times was too much fluctuation for the bond to handle after all. And here I was so proud of my nice clean prep-job, too. I really wanted it to hold on until the spring.

Close-up view of the pan, looking upward. Bottom half of this pic is the front of the main “hump”. Top half is the rusty underside of the pan’s “saddle” (not treated with epoxy). Oil is leaking down from the top of my repair, where the epoxy is thinnest.

Oh, well. It served it’s purpose: giving me time to formulate a plan. Who would have thought it would let loose just one week after getting a quote?

I’m going to let a shop handle the work. Just gotta decide what to do about parts. See, because I do a lot of my own wrenching, I’ve grown picky about avoiding cheap crap, and getting good quality parts for my car. I’d like to pick out my own parts, and the shop is fine with that. Unfortunately, they can’t warranty their work if I do.

They want to install regular rubber engine mounts, which is great. I didn’t want to put poly in there anyway. The oil pan they want to use is another story, though. Instead of a pan painted with a factory-like finish (which appears to be a gloss black paint), the pan they would use comes primed a black color, over which they apply some kind of undercoating.


Undercoating on an engine? Never heard of that before. They say that it’s a waxy compound, not tar, and that they’ve been getting good results out of it. Anybody heard of this?

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