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Oil pan gaskets, belt squeal and a bunch of other stuff

The Civic is starting to develop a noticeable “chirping” noise from one of the belts. Not sure which one, but I think they are all probably due for replacement anyway. A few times a year, shortly after pulling out from the back alley, I get some pretty good squeal for a few seconds, then it stops. This seems a little different.

Before I take it in, I’m hoping to first change the oil pan gasket. I was going to take it in to get the timing belt, tensioner, and water pump done and figured I might as well let the shop take care of the other belts as well.

If the BMW i3 could have sat 5 instead of 4, I probably would have bought a REx version by now. I was looking at used prices, and boy... have they depreciated nicely. My requirements for my next vehicle are:

- Has to be a plug-in hybrid or fully electric
- Needs to be able to do at least 150 km in winter (-20C).
- Has to seat 5

Chevy Bolts are coming down in price slowly, and the Volt is too, but I’m not sure I want to deal with the added maintenance of a gas engine again.  A 2017 e-Golf would work, but they are still selling for more than the Bolt, which has way more range.  I’m secretly hoping that I can keep the Civic running for another 5-6 years, which seems like an eternity, but by then my house will be hopefully paid off, and I won’t feel guilty buying a new (to me) vehicle.  The Civic is 19 years old now, but in otherwise fairly good condition, other than a handful of small things.  Although I should probably also change the transmission fluid again, as well as replace the front brake rotors, but that’s not too bad, in theory.  Then there’s also the odd groaning noise when making sharp left hand turns...


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