So my sister took her 1999 Camry to a dealership to get few gremlins out of her car and got an oil change done.

She checked the oil when the car was returned to her and it all seemed fine. She went home and drove a bit. My dad now looked and claims there is like 2 extra quarts of oil in the engine. I have my doubts as my dad is only looking for a project to get his hands on and some poor shmuck to yell at.

Pretending for a second there is more oil than should be. What are the downsides? Will it leak out through some unsuspecting hole? Burn off? Break out of the Hoover dam and cause a spill?

EDIT: pops took it to a dealership and demanded they drained extra oil. They did. It’s hard to argue with a man who barely speaks English, speaks very loud and waves hands around like a damn dealership blow up tube