On December 16, 2014, the Los Angeles Police Department recovered OJ Simpson's Heisman Trophy, stolen from the University of Southern California campus 20 years prior. Now TMZ has the story of the trophy's life in exile. Per their report:

The man swears he's not the guy who broke the case and made off with the statue (we confirmed he was in jail at the time of the heist) but he did say he traded for it with a burgundy Honda Accord and $500 cash. And get this ... the guy he got it from had the Heisman buried in his backyard. Kind of a hint something was up.

Shortly after he got the Heisman, the man says he lost everything and became homeless โ€” yet still held on to his precious cargo.

After moving from street corners to storage lockers for 17 years ... the man says he had a radical change of heart in December and decided to return the Heisman โ€” for a reward. He took a photo of the trophy (seen above) to prove he's legit.

It may be a little more than coincidence that his change of heart happened right at the same time the LAPD got a search warrant that targeted him.

So lesson learned, if you want the good stuff, offer up your Honda.