But when people talk about the Z06 they talk about it beating the Viper T/A, 458, Porsche 911, etc.

yet people brought up the fact of price point.

This car is going to be expensive as fuck. If Ford shoots past the $150,000 price mark, I have a hard time believing the demand will be there, unless it absolutely dominates everything short of an Agera.

wrong price bracket bruh

so ignorant. So dumb.

Let's compare $80k car with a "estimated" $250k concept.

So ignorant.

So why is it that we can compare the Z06 to the other cars and the GT can compare to the Z06?

The GT is in the same ring with them.

Also most Z06's Ive seen have been close to the 100k mark not the 80k mark. as you can see here. Most are well over 80K