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Vintage Wagon?

Ok folks, got a jalop question for ya.

If this gorgeous beauty right here was available near you, and the price was right for a runner, could you justify it taking a rather large portion of your driveway?

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It’s a 1975 Olds Vista Cruiser, with (sit down for this part) a 455ci Rocket V8 (wiki says 275-400hp).


Now you guys helped me out last year (thank you!) about this time when I was debating the ‘91 Celica convertible, which has been my ultra-dependable daily driver for the last year (pic in my avatar).

The only reason I’m considering this one is that I want a long-haul cruiser for trips across the island. I don’t want to modify it. I no desire to mess with it at all, really. Just leave it as it is and float along in awesome vintage station wagon goodness.


Ok, maybe glasspacks, but that’s it! LOL

Your thoughts?

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