So I have decided the 2007 Fit needs a new alternator, or I at least need to get this one tested. I think it is overcharging (measured 15.7 volts and it is something is kind of grinding as well as whining, high pitched when the motor turns, independent of wheel or gearbox rotation (changes with engine speed, not car speed, disengaging the clutch has no effect on sound, varies with rpm.)

Anyway, the real problem, YouTube says to remove the alternator remove the EGR valve, which sits right above the alternator, makes sense. When I remove the EGR valve water comes out. My very rudimentary understanding of this is that EGR is Exhaust Gas Recirculation, air, or a gas anyway, not liquid.

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Nowhere on the YouTube video does it say anything about coolant coming out when you take off the EGR. Googling water in EGR valve gets me nothing, I finally find a diagram of the cooling system and it appears coolant may run through the EGR valve. The smallest hole in the middle goes straight to a tube that I thought was a vacuum line, but maybe this is coolant line. Anyway my shit was kind of freaked out with visions of a cracked or badly corroded head or maybe a leaky water pumping putting liquid where it isn’t supposed to. I think I have talked myself off the cliff, can anyone confirm?

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Second shot showing what I hope is water nipple on the other side of EGR.

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