Ok guys I need some help.

I am in need of some options cause the deal for my Mach 1 fell through today cause they did a huge low ball on my car.

help me out!

Pictured is the trade in car.

Has to be at a dealer or if you have the car willing to trade

I am looking for a V8 car

4 seats

stick or auto

year range depends on the car.

Really looking for say like


SVT Cobra 1999-2004

Mach 1 2003-04

Mustang GT 2007-12


1999-present Corvette


you guys get the idea most likely

also needs to be in the STL or Springfield Missouri area.

Please post links and pics below

EDIT: Price range: needs to be in the $13k~ ish range...my car is only worth kike 9k-10k so I need like a 3k difference


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