So I had to take the Sunchaser back to Nikon. There were some drips showing on the trunk that I could not see until it was sunny, and the thing was leaking coolant (he re-did the radiator, thermostat, and cooling).

I was supposed to have it at noon...then maybe 9 pm. I have had it. This guy will never touch another car of mine again.


He lost the prop rod for my hood, so I have to go junkyarding for a replacement. He broke one of my windows, and fucked up the install of the replacement. He lost another intetior trim piece, but I found a replacement on eBay. I am trying to not get enraged about this.

I was willing to give him another chance, but I have had enough after his inability to deliver today. Too bad, I actually really liked him and hoped he would be the guy to help me with these cars. Back to the drawing board.

20 years ago I would have been kicking his door in. I guess I have matured...or something.


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