I wasn’t planning on doing until Feb\March but I’ve been offered a great car (more on it in a mo), great finance offer that I am more than happy with, like a lot less than I am happy to pay, awesome trade in price for the Abarth etc.

I just always get so nervous when changing cars, am I doing the right thing, should I wait, will the car be what I expect it be a few months down the line etc etc.

So on to the car, after flipping between a Seat Leon 1.8tsi SC FR DSG and Renault Clio RS for a while now, I was leaning towards the Clio cos it’s quick, fun and cool looking. I had bit of flip flop between buying new or (slightly) used but settled on the slightly used as you get much more for used in the UK (we only pay VAT on new cars, so 20% instant discount compared to new straight off!).


My local SEAT dealer have really worked hard and have found me a 6 month old, Leon with only 3k on the clock, in black, all the options I wanted etc for a great price. The trade in on the Abarth is so good they are giving me back over 2k in cash (so more than twice the amount I need to pay off the Abarth), I couldn’t get anywhere near close to this deal on a Clio RS!

The Leon just feels so right to drive, yes the Clio is a bit more exciting, a bit quicker etc but the Leon is bigger more substantial feeling, has a much higher quality interior, nicer dual clutch gearbox, just much more a rounded car.

Plus the Abarth is due a major service the new year and an MOT that I know will say it needs rear brakes, the exhaust is looking like it’s not long for this world and it keeps randomly making a weird noise that my mechanic has yet to diagnose (sounds like it has asthma!) and I am over it now. It is still fun but I find it tiring to drive more than an hour on the motorway and it’s developed numerous creaks and rattles inside the last 6 months!

So my fellow Oppos, would you go for it?

The Leon looks exactly like this (not actual car but same colout, trim, wheels etc) -


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