I don't have much of anything to go on but while I was in PA for a funeral we were going through old pictures and found, buried in family photos, a couple pics of my wife's grandfather and his 1969 Pontiac Tempest or LeMans.

I'm now devoted to the hunt. It was in Philly in the late 60s early 70s. I need any help I can get. Unfortunately I don't have a vin. The family isn't much help but grand pop was a ww1 vet and a pretty incredible person from what I read. I thought maybe it was worth my while to find out what I could with a little help from some friends.

As fruitless as this effort is, I wanted to try. From one veteran to another, this is the first car I've had any reason to chase. Help if you can or share fun stories. I sure found out a lot about my in laws just digging through war records and photos. Didn't realize myself and wife's grandfather were so similar. Kind of awe inspiring. I just didn't escape Nazi Germany, and then promptly return the favor as a soldier. No, I fought in a very different war.

Thanks for the help.