Remember my post about the molasses/water rust removal bath? Videos like this show how. In the link, I describe how I now have 30 gallons of the solution that’s sat in a plastic and closed trash barrel for near 4 years. Well, I opened it. I opened trouble. (Disgusting picture ahead)

Holy fuck! That rancid smell is worse than anything from a roadside bloated/exploded cow. Possibly not as bad as a ruptured bloated whale-shark on the beach. I triple trash bagged my hands and set up a constructors bag to put that whatever the fuck cosmic stenchy thing that is into. Well, it broke up and separated and settled to the bottom, probably mixed into the rotten shark solution.

The plan was to scatter the molasses fertilizer over the lawn and run the sprinklers for a few hours but after discovering the worst, I doubt the smell would go away anytime soon after doing so. The small careful effort caused only a few drops to come in contact with my fore arm and know two small drops hit my t-shirt. I had a hose ready and sprayed my arm, my shirt is awful just from those two drops.


A great new TV show would be ‘dumb home mechanic mistakes’ where crap like this has to be discovered and dealt with.


What the hell do I do now.?