Was sitting at a stoplight, and a small crossover (CRV?) turned in front of me and went by. I noticed something on the back of it, so I tried to figure what it was:

- it really looked like a snow plow blade - wider than the car itself, but only about half the height of a plow blade (at most)

- top part looked like bare metal, bottom was black - much like you might see on a plow

- bottom was about bumper height- didn’t get a look to see if there was a lowering mechanism

- couldn’t read the brand very well, but it was a long name and started with mys or sym (I was reading in the rear view mirror- maybe those were the last 3 letters)


It looked for all the world like a light duty snow plow- mounted on the *rear* bumper.

Maybe the guy likes to plow his driveway by backing the car out of the garage?