Some of you may have read my post Friday night. Instead of re-hashing, basically I started my car (04 WRX) and had a bearing detonate itself. Friday night I was sure I was going to have to sell my car for pennies due to the lack of money in my wallet for big repairs. Tonight I'm more hopeful that I will get to drive it again. But I am hoping some of you can give me hope that it's not so bad. Or you can tell me like it is and I can brace myself to have to put the for sale sign out. Either way I'm getting tired of being anxious about it. So for the back story and info after the jump.

Friday my car was running normal (I'm pretty OCD about noises and weird feelings from the car and all seemed good). After a brand new starter was put in last monday things had been better than good. Friday night, I drove it to the bar for a drink. Got back to the car, turned it on, and it sounded like woody the woodpecker was hanging out in my engine. Bang, bang, bang, is the noise it made at idle after starting. Shut the car down immediately. Got out and did what any person who knows nothing about cars besides a few things they've read here and there, and popped open the hood and starred blankly in the engine bay. Everything looked normal (duh i don't know what i'm looking at). I looked under my car (same logic as popping the hood) and that looked fine too. However, I noticed a ball bearing sitting there on the ground. I thought there was no way that could've come from my car. I dismissed it and immediately panicked because i jumped to the classic "I spun a rod bearing on a Subaru thing" and what I was hearing was piston slap.

Now I am not convinced that is the case. The mechanic I usually go to doesn't work on Subaru's a lot, nor does engine tear downs. I left the car on his doorstep over the weekend. Monday when he got back to work I explained what happened this weekend. He had a hard time isolating the sound of the knock and suggested I take it to Subaru. So now it sits there waiting to find out its fate tomorrow. However, the tow truck driver that took my car from him to Subaru of Nashua found a few ball bearings on the tow truck bed. He handed them to me and said these had to have come from my car as it was the first car on the tow truck after it had been cleaned.

So back to the advice part. What bearing exploded and what is it going to cost me? I don't think its an internal engine bearing or else it shouldn't be spitting them out. So it's got to be something external to the engine. Could it be a turbo bearing? Any ideas? I just need some peace of mind. I love my car and would be heartbroken to have to sell it because I couldn't fix it. If you read all that you're good. I ramble when I write.