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Ok Oppo, I need a new vehicle and have a 25k allowance

My first vehicle (we're not going to discuss) has been paid off for a year now and I'm going to need to replace soon. Given the nature of my job I'll only be driving it maybe 2 days a week, if that. I've been lurking for a while and your group love for the Fiesta ST is winning me over.

Like I said, 25k limit, relatively new (2010 and up), sub 40k miles. I'm not looking to do any engine swaps or heavy mods but am mechanically inclined enough plus have access to a shop with lift. Current choices below:

Fiesta ST


Focus ST

Genesis Coupe (probably 2.0 to maintain the turbo theme)

Sky Turbo

5.0 Mustang


Mini Cooper S

I've had a lot of scotch this evening and would love some ridiculous ideas. Gas mileage isn't a worry as I've put gas in my current vehicle 4 times in the last 8 months.


***ok so we've managed to add the C5, 1 M Series, STI, FRS, Sonic RS. Is there anything on the list I need to stay way from due to xy or z?

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