There is one for sale locally that caught my eye. It’s a 2007 Aero, automatic in this awesome blue. 100k miles, priced at $5200. Tell me what you know about them! Are they reliable? What is likely to break or need replaced that’s out of the ordinary for other cars of similar age/mileage? Fun to drive? How does the auto trans behave? Are they a headache to work on? Are there areas that are prone to rust?

This would be replacing my 5 speed 2005 Saab 9-2x. I’m pretty torn, because while I do like the Saabaru, I’ve always wished it was about 6" wider and a foot longer. I know the 9-5 is considerably larger than that, and that’s ok as it’ll be on baby hauling duty here very soon. Based on a quick power to weight estimation, both cars should be similarly quick.. I think I could live with the auto, unless it’s just terrible.


In my brief research, I haven’t came across anything too scary. I’m hoping someone on here has some experience with these cars they’d like to share. When in doubt, ask the experts right?

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