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Ok Oppo, Which manufacturer's lineup does absolutely nothing for you?

A manufacturer or brand where there’s not a single vehicle that appeals to you based on their 2018 lineup?

It has to be Nissan for me. The GT-R is the only saving grace but it’s getting long in the tooth and is no longer the hypercar-killing entry level supercar it used to be. Nissan and even Infiniti is all beige mobiles, completely dead to me.

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Subaru is the other one. Nothing in their lineup is interesting to me and that includes the Wrx/Sti and the BRZ. Sure, if I had kids and wanted a solid safe high resale AWD people mover I would be interested in a 3.6R Outback but now, bleh.


Even the kings of beige Toyota has interesting trucks like the Tacoma and 4runner, and the new V6 Camry is actually a good car despite the looks.

Hell, even Chrysler with just 2 vehicles has a good minivan and I like the 300.

So, which one do you love to hate?

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