Illustration for article titled OK Oppos: What Supervan Do You Choose?!

Per the front page, Chevy is putting their new big V8 featured in their new trucks in the Express van as well; simultaneously kick-starting a renaissance of muscle vans. What year is it?!

In the blue corner, a seasoned veteran that comes in a variety of lengths, and heights. Able to make all the turbo woosh noises your heart desires. Its secret weapon is to offer AWD next model year; sending turbo charged power to all four wheels.

In the...other blue corner, this van was already a decent contender with it’s former 6.0L V8 giving you 341HP and 374 lb-ft. It decided to dedicate itself to the gym and pick up some gains. Chevy is stuffing almost double the displacement of the Transit under that aged hood. The body and chassis may be as old as dirt, but that old man now packs over 400HP and 464 lb-ft. of torque.

My only hope is FCA sees this and decides to stuff the Hellcat engine into those ProMasters. So, Oppo, what’s your flavor of power?

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