OK...question for any Linux-familiar computer savvy people/IT techs out there...

Been searching for an answer to this all evening and cannot find anything definitive.

I have a Win10 desktop with 256GB Samsung SSD ‘OS’ drive and 500GB Western Digital HDD ‘Data’ drive. I cloned the ‘OS’ drive from an HDD drive a few years ago onto the new SSD. Windows then recognized it was now on an SSD, adjusted everything automatically as such, and all has been 100% great.

NOW...I also have an HP laptop running Linux Mint 19.3 MATE 64-bit. All is great and it runs on an 750GB HGST HDD. I have three SSDs laying around and want to clone the install from that HDD onto one of the SSDs and install that in the laptop to speed things up. BUT...I cannot find ANYTHING ANYWHERE that confirms if Linux Mint (which is Ubuntu-based) will detect it has been cloned to an SSD and then configure itself automatically...or if I have to change SSD-related settings (like TRIM) myself.

Any of you folks have any idea...?


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