Ok so I didn’t PERSONALLY buy it but..... we have a matching pair!

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didn’t have the money to buy it 🙁. However my brother wanted a first car and he had the money, so yay!!! 1993 Nissan Sentra! We now have two of the three we need for a full set. Anyone have a Nissan Altima from the 90’s in white?


Anyways on to the car. It’s an automatic, bleh, but who cares it’s a 90’s car with electro magic seatbelts. Quirky and irritating for the win? Obviously I know to always inspect he car in broad daylight before buying. On doing so I found some rust that was, ahem, concerning shall we say. Let’s just leave it at “probably don’t want little kids riding in this thing because survival is slim”. In the bright side it’s not so bad it will break in half on the interstate. In any case it wasn’t worth 1500 anymore so we offered significantly less. He sellser accepted and that was that.

Great car, runs very, very well, feels quick. Handling is fairly decent. It’s not amazing but it is very communicative and tells you exactly what it’s doing and about to do, even to the limit of traction. Muffler needs replaced as it’s leaky. Over all a good first car for him.


It might last only a couple years due to the rust but for the price, but if he drives it only in the summer (which I very strongly recommended). It should last quite a long time. More pics Later once the weather clears.

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