Ok someone explain the Jetta-Camino phenomenon to me because I don't get it.

Between here on Oppo and the FP there have now been about a billion posts about watch this guy turn these Jettas into VolksCaminos with a Sawzall or something to that effect. I want to know why this is even a thing. Is there something about El Camini-all the things that I don’t know about? More text below in case it doesn’t make the jump.

My high school car was a Jetta (and it was green!) They were fun enough cars without having to hack them up with a truck bed for some reason. Maybe not quite a FWD 4 door Miata but I’d like to point out the Mk 4 Jetta had about the same weight as the NC and the power of the ND which is...ummmm...oh. But I don’t really see the appeal of getting less utility out of them by removing two seats and a trunk so you can...carry dirt in the back of your compact what-used-to-be-sedan?


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