Ok, Texas, I'm in

I am really enjoying Texas. People here are very friendly, and the whole atmosphere is very laid back. joeyramone30 is from here, and recommended a few places, including Rooster’s Roadhouse. I jumped at the chance to get some brisket, because Texas.


The place was fantastic and fun. The waitress called us “y’all.” (CALIFORNIA NERD ALERT) Did I mention how nice and laid back everyone is here? Following through on the recommendation, we had the Redneck Sushi appetizer. It was gud.

We enjoyed fried pickles for the first time (OMG) and the brisket was excellent. I finished it with a bannana pudding in a jelly jar that may have been the best I have ever had.


All in all, I am really liking Texas. I understand why so many California refugees are fleeing here.

Of course, I also came to a realization. It has been extremely noticeable how nice people are, and I suddenly realized that they aren’t actually all that nice. This is just normal.


Fellow Californians, I think we might be assholes. I think I am so used to being immersed in California assholery that coming here where people are normal seems startling. Texas, I think I understand why you resent all of our refugees bringing our assholery to your shores, and I actually empathize.

I am not sure how to feel about all of this.


I am contemplating this by the fire.

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