OK, this is officially getting out of hand


Over the years I’ve grabbed the occasional HW or MB car (and a few from Maisto as well, like that officially licensed S-Class amongst others) and tossed them aside to enjoy later. Lately I’ve been trying to do a bit of housecleaning and gathering like items together, and what you see above is a few years of purchases. There are a number of duplicates, with most of those being completely unintentional (I really did mean to buy three of those green Dokas).

These are just the ones still in the package, and only the ones I’ve found so far; there may be more. I’ve also grabbed lots of used ones over at the Goodwill Outlet where everything is sold by the pound, and those seem to be filling up another tub. I’ll save those for later posts.

Since I have so many unintentional duplicates I’m wondering if there’s someplace to trade these things. I doubt that posting them on eBay would be worth the trouble. Obviously I’m not a hard-core collector, just someone that enjoys a nice model and that partially wants to regain his youth...

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