What is the sound of one piston slapping?
What is the sound of one piston slapping?
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Ok we'll it's not quite bucking yet, but soon it will be back on the road.

Good news every one, it's a 1995 Ford Bronco XL 5.0 with 82,749 miles on it. little to no rust on it, and all of the electronics are functional. It last passed inspection in the great state of NJ in 2007 and then was kept in a warehouse (where it was slightly picked over) in MD from 2008 till now.


Bad news is (not that it's all that bad) don't know for sure if engine runs. It's missing 2 of the 8 SP wires, and it needs a fuel pump and tank. Tried to fire off though when I sprayed some gum cutter down its gullet, so I should be good there once the tank/pump and tune up stuff gets here.(parts are ordered)

Other bad news it also needs

4 tires

Ball joints

Front brakes

Belt/tensioner (tensioner pulley missing?)

Gas cap (missing as well)

All the fuses (all but 2 where missing)

Both outer rear seat belts (missing)

Rear power window is working but jammed. Keeping me from opening the tailgate.

I think all said and done I should be able to get this thing going, past inspection, and registered for under 2k. Will keep you up to date and more pictures as it gets accomplished/cleaned.

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