I was out this morning after the storm rolled over and encountered something new with my car. It was still raining lightly, so the wipers were on, and I hi a bump in the road when the wipers stopped in the middle of the windshield and I got a message “hood ajar”. WTF?

So I got where I was going, and double checked the hood. It was not open. I opened it. I closed it. The warnings didn’t go away. I shut off the car and went inside to come back out a few minutes later and find that the car wouldn’t start. Thankfully I was parked on a hill and bump started it in reverse without issue.

I then drove home, in the rain, with the wipers in the middle of the windshield.


I pulled the codes when I got home to find P0833 - Clutch Pedal Position switch , and U0284 - lost communication with active grille shutters.

Since I have a COBB tune, and I don’t want issues with the dealer in the morning, I uninstalled the tune, reset the codes, and reset the computer. All they’ll be able to tell is that the computer was reset.

So now Ford is going to send a wrecker out in the morning to haul the car in to the local dealer, and I’ll rent a car for at least the day.

This sucks.

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