My 2006 Ford Escape is dead, and I'm needing a new car ASAP. I need something that can haul a family of four and a Labrador on occasion. We don't do super long road trips but want to be able to haul camping stuff, so it needs a respectable amount of cargo space like a SUV / crossover.

Here in Denver, Subaru Outbacks are like BMWs to Dallas (where I moved from last fall). Outback are starting to grow on me, but what are some other options. AWD would be a smart option. I like the looks of the Jeep Wrangler Unlimited but not sure there's enough cargo space, plus the gas mileage sucks in comparison.

I'm also looking at the Hyundai Santa Fe. It's roomy and gets good mileage. Plus the warranty is awesome, obviously. Budget under $20K / $300/mo.

What other options am I missing? I'd appreciate your advice and knowledge. Thanks!