My dad decided not to fix his 2005 300C with a dropped valve seat and 193k miles. It’s been a good car, and for $3000 maybe you consider fixing it to get another few years about it, but the cheapest price he could get was $4000 to drop in an engine with 135k that probably doesn’t run as well as his car did the morning it but the dust.

The good news is that it’s summer, and he’s got his 94 Z28 he can drive until he finds something else. The Z28 is actually the undisputed reliability champion in our family: it came home on a flatbed once around 100k miles needing an optispark (just like every 4th gen f-body ever), but besides that the car has never had a breakdown in 22 years and 178k miles. It’s also on its original clutch, by the way. Still grabs great, never even thinks about slipping.

He has some good ideas for what to buy next. He enjoyed the 300C, so he’ll look at the newer ones of those (specifically an SRT8). He also likes the Audi S5, the Mercedes CLS, and could maybe be talked into a CTS-V. It’s going to be a daily driver in New England, but he’s had RWD daily drivers since 1998, so AWD is cool but not necessary.

Any other good ideas for luxury/performance stuff under or around $30k Oppo?