Okay Google...

What’s the best way to dry out albums, CDs, and 8-tracks that were stored in boxes and were left in less than an inch of standing water for a day?


Probably not like this, but its not like they’re gonna get any better, condition wise.

Also, why does water have to wick its way up paper products? I could stand with a wet edge or two, but 1/4 of all the albums look like this?


I would take solace that the brand new in factory shrink wrap ones would be okay, but that has been shown NOT to be the case. The plastic wrapped ones have been the WORST AFFECTED by far. Somehow the water got inside and the ENTIRE liner is soaked.


I still have 6 more of these boxes to go through.

The good news about this is that insurance is covering it.

Bad news is I still have drywall and wood panelling to take down and add to the pile of wet crap.


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